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half-time / неполная рабочая неделя, неполный рабочий день, полставки
имя существительное
неполная рабочая неделя
half-time, part-time, short-time
неполный рабочий день
underemployment, undertime, part-time, half-time, half-day, short-time
неполную рабочую неделю
на полставки
имя существительное
the time at which half of a game or contest is completed, especially when marked by an intermission.
the most pressure he felt was at halftime when he looked up and saw the score
At half-time Otley were the happier of the two teams as they were playing away to a much better placed team.
A half-time change of the tactics by Oakbank saw them score at regular intervals.
at half-time
half-time interval
At half-time Ellis revised the game plan and made a couple of tactical substitutions.
We scored just before half-time which was important and then again in the second half.
By half-time Dublin should have scored at least two more goals and four or five points.
Spain led 9-7 at half-time
half-time score