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half-timbered / фахверковые
имя прилагательное
having walls with a timber frame and a brick or plaster filling.
But Space House is not remotely like any of its brick or half-timbered neighbours.
I had tried to think of it as little as possible, but now that I searched for words all that came to me were pictures, images of tree-lined walkways, half-timbered houses, narrow streets and secret stairways.
The 300 year-old half-timbered stilted building in the High Street has been a focal point for the town for many years.
But Space House is not remotely like any of its brick or half-timbered neighbours.
Built as a half-timbered hall by the Brownlow family, the house was extended by its owners in 1591 and 1648.
Treven Hall had been an Elizabethan, half-timbered manor house.
Profuse with cobbled streets, the steeply pitched roofs, prominent cross gables with the structures lavishly covered with ornamental half-timbering , this part of town gave her an archaic feeling.
Most Tudor homes have stucco or masonry exteriors accented by ornamental half-timbering , massive chimneys and steep gable roofs.
The traditional habitat of the Alsatian lowland is constituted of houses constructed with walls in half-timbering and cob and roofing in flat tiles.
Derived from photographs, these little passages of stacked windows and balconies and commercial half-timbering are stenciled into broad horizontal bands of paint.
Progressive houses combined the now-familiar techniques of specialized domestic planning with motifs from English vernacular buildings such as half-timbering , tile-hanging, inglenooks, and romantically tall chimneys.