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half-sister / единокровная сестра, единоутробная сестра, сводная сестра
имя существительное
единокровная сестра
sibling, half-sister
единоутробная сестра
sibling, half-sister
сводная сестра
stepsister, half-sister
имя существительное
a sister with whom one has only one parent in common.
The film is about two half-sisters , one of whom has a psychological problem.
He was said to be the father of Modred by his half-sister Morgawse; his sister was Anna.
And I didn't have a dollar because my parents never gave my brother, my half-sister and me allowances.
He had a sister, Charlotte, 24, a half-sister Catherine, 12, and a half-brother Christopher, nine.
In the case of Adriana, a tourist delivered a letter to her half-sister in Houston, whom she had never met.
Irina was his half-sister and the daughter of Turakina by his father
Imagine you're the daughter of a modernist painter and writer, and the half-sister of an established music star.
True's real-life parents are divorced and she has a younger half-sister .
Some time during the war, probably in 1944, they had a child, a daughter; my half-sister .
I have a sister McKenzie, half-sister Kathy, stepsister Heather and stepbrother Bret.
For his letter leaves the impression that the author of Childe Harold had no daughter by his half-sister , Augusta.