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half-price / полцены
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
купленный за полцены
имя существительное
half the usual price.
many shoes at half price
имя прилагательное
costing half the normal price.
half-price admission
Plus, if you buy one marked-down sample pair from the display wall, you get the second sample pair for half-price .
Hamman had offered to sell Cardiff shirts for half-price to fans who traded in an English club shirt - the trade-ins were then to be burned on the Ninian Park pitch.
Supporters who bought season tickets for the 2003-04 campaign at half-price are to be asked to make a further contribution to the football club.
The City chairman said he was continuing to hold talks with a number of potential sponsors but was still not able to name the sponsor that had made it possible for him to sell season tickets for next season at half-price .
This proof-of-age card, which allows holders to travel half-price on public transport, is automatically issued to all youngsters through their schools.
Special promotions like the October to April First Stop York By Train Campaign, which offered half-price admission into York's attractions, were aimed at developing off-peak business.
With the way cleared for its £40 million survival package, Aer Lingus has launched a price war by offering over 500,000 half-price seats between January and the end of March.
Additional crowd pleasers are the restaurant's daily Hoppy Hour, which features half-price appetizers and discounted beer, and BJ's 1/2 gallon growler to go.
Staying put is still cheaper than buying half-price tickets.
For computer users looking for entertainment, there are sports and action games, some of them available at half-price .