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half-moon / полумесяц, равелин
имя существительное
crescent, half moon, demilune
ravelin, half moon, half, demilune
имя существительное
the moon when only half of its illuminated surface is visible from the earth; the first or last quarter.
It's lovely out here - the night is calm, the lake is black and still, illuminated by the bright half-moon , and the trees seem to glow.
half-moon spectacles
Soon people were hanging on for their lives - and falling - 1,000 ft above the ground under blue skies and a pale half-moon .
Weaker tides occur at half-moon , when the sun and Moon are 90° apart.
One part of the exercise involved night skiing across the Snowy River illuminated by half-moon on a cold, clear night.
Dolly came out with me, and we sat for a while, looking up at a bright half-moon and a sky thick with stars.
The folded half-moon , a sort of quasi-calzone, hides a cache of fontina cheese gigged with emphatic sun-dried tomato: simple and effective.
In the small hours of the morning, he found himself on the roof, staring out at a half-moon and a scattering of stars.
The half-moon gave him barely enough light to make it to Protheroe's door.
At midnight, under the light of a bright half-moon , Indefatigable was sailing smoothly into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of France, on her way to Gibraltar.
In the light of the dimly shining half-moon , her eyes looked worried and afraid.