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half-light / полутьма, сумерки, полутон
имя существительное
semidarkness, half-light
dusk, twilight, nightfall, gloaming, candlelight, half-light
semitone, halftone, undertone, undertint, half-light
имя прилагательное
soft, quiet, muted, neutral, tender, half-light
плохо освещенный
имя существительное
dim light such as at dusk.
the trees had a slightly spooky look in the half-light
These countries, even though they may have armies which can be packed into one parade ground, give many medals and ribbons, not to speak of stars, to junior officers, so that even in half-light , they glitter.
She stood in the doorway, looking at the boy, who was lying in the strange half-light of the dawn, then turned and went down the stairs.
And as the heavens open once again, Travis take to the stage, almost sombre in the evening's half-light .
Even in the half-light I can see that the sets are easily head-high.
The quest brings her back to a dilapidated cabin in Dawson's North End; down river to cook at a tourist camp, or out on the river to play her camera on a fishing operation in the half-light of a Dawson summer night.
I made my play and sat back, watching him in the half-light .
In the half-light in a crucial ward in Orpington they delivered ‘Good Morning!’
The landscape's detail was reduced to shapes in half-light , but the child was still speaking with all the insistence a four-year-old possesses, reiterating that demand.
It was the grey half-light before dawn and Astaevia could only just see where she was going.
It was deserted but in the half-light I could just make out an object on the grand pinewood table and, moving closer, discerned it to be a small wooden chest with the lid flung open.