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half-hour / полчаса
имя существительное
half an hour, half-hour
имя прилагательное
half-hourly, half-hour
имя существительное
a period of thirty minutes.
a slide show presented every half hour
A minute before the half-hour Derek Fleming's cross was met by Andrews on the touchline.
He had been lying in the hay pile for a good half-hour before he got up again.
Nevertheless, having more than survived the following half-hour , next day you want to do it again.
While the last half-hour is as suspenseful as you could hope, it takes an awful lot of contrivances to get there.
Another half-hour , and he'd be enjoying a little bit of beef jerky with his friends.
Lek, the young Thai woman we met in the first half-hour , could have used such counsel.
But when he did manage to slip his patrol, near the half-hour , he set up a chance for strike partner Juan Sara.
We whiled away a pleasant half-hour before Marvin signalled that it was medication time back at the Day Centre.
The artwork had been fun for about a half-hour , now the displays of jade had become her prison.
The stamps are free and available to anyone willing to wait from a few minutes to a half-hour .