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half-baked / недопеченный, полусырой, незрелый
имя прилагательное
rare, half raw, half-baked
immature, crude, unripe, puerile, green, half-baked
имя прилагательное
(of an idea or philosophy) not fully thought through; lacking a sound basis.
half-baked notions of Teutonic superiority
Joking aside, The Lizzie McGuire Movie may sound predictable and half-baked , but it is a surprisingly good film.
I mean, here I was with an escaped convict, heading down the stairs of a questionable business with a half-baked plan developing in my mind.
As a result, Yosemite sounds like a half-baked children's album for weary adults.
The only thing wrong with P-Y's current plans is that he's struggling with half-baked ideas for content, like Ministry of Sound events.
Think something all the way through rather than going with a stupid, knee-jerk reaction based on some half-baked beliefs.
Is it just the ego's yearning for self-gratification that makes a person cling to the half-baked notion that every single human being is a unique individual?
But we will not support the pathetic, half-baked attempt that the Government so proudly proclaims as its solution.
Last Days, by comparison, is simply small, plumbing the shallow depths of half-baked notions about celebrity and art and depression.
In some cases, works that were originally conceived as part of a series appeared in bits and dribbles, which frequently made for a half-baked presentation.
The one completely half-baked notion I had at the end was that Barry Egan was Popeye.