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hake / хек
имя существительное
имя существительное
a large-headed elongated fish with long jaws and strong teeth. It is a valuable commercial food fish.
Cod, hake , whiting, mackerel and skate as well as shellfish were pulled from the sea.
any of a number of fishes related to the true hakes.
They resemble the true hakes in having two dorsal fins and one anal fin and no barbel.
The bulletin said the contraction during the fourth quarter was reflected in the species such as demersal hake , horse mackerel and rock lobster.
Ask your fishmonger what is best for grilling at this time of year - some suggestions are salmon, haddock, tuna, trout, hake , cod.
The hake industry is, commercially, the most valuable fishing industry in Namibia.
Experts warn that continued intensive fishing would mean stocks of cod as well as other popular fish like hake and haddock might never recover.
But if you can't find the best cod, then use chunky hake , haddock or sea bass fillets instead.
Asked for his comment, he said it was true that many of South Africa's quality products ranging from hake to chokka to fruit were exported for high prices.
Some of the fish should be firm-fleshed and gelatinous like halibut, eel, and winter flounder, and some tender and flaky like hake , baby cod, small pollock, and lemon sole.
The name, originally a German word, was a general one for any dried white fish, most often cod, but also pollack, whiting, hake , and others.
Cod, hake , whiting, mackerel and skate as well as shellfish were pulled from the sea.
The main species harvested are hake , horse mackerel and pilchard, whilst other species such as monk, anchovy, tuna and sole also contribute to this sector.