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hairy / волосатый, мохнатый, волосяной
имя прилагательное
hairy, haired, hirsute, shaggy, crinite
shaggy, hairy, wooly, pilose, pilous
hair, hairy, pileous
имя прилагательное
covered with hair, especially thick or long hair.
a hairy chest
alarming and difficult.
we drove up yet another hairy mountain road
Should I go along with this or keep my hairy chest.
If things get too hairy you can avoid the awkward step by an easier route on the south side.
Oh, and yes, do you want to see my hairy chest again?
he has a hairy chest
In the scratch there were a few hairy moments later on when the speed began to increase as the riders realised the gap was not coming down.
Quite a few of my search requests are for hairy chests.
The worms are covered in a hairy , gray fleece composed of bacteria.
Her rough, slightly hairy skin bristles beneath my touch.
Eventually (due to a massive diversion along some hairy country roads, and some cows crossing) we arrive at our destination.
In quite a few of these species the inner side of the skin that covers the bulb is covered with a thick hairy layer that provides extra protection.