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hairstylist / парикмахер
имя существительное
a person who cuts and styles people's hair professionally.
To all the barbers, hairstylists , hairdressers, hair designers, or anyone else in the hair industry I have slighted: I unreservedly apologise for my actions.
In the past people used to go to the hairstylist to feel good, now they go to the cosmetic surgeon.
She found her man the right hairstylist and updated his frumpy wardrobe to achieve the urbane Euro flavor he aspired to.
Maybe you see your hairstylist once a month and follow her regimen at home the rest of the time.
Talk with your hairstylist about the style you'd like to achieve.
The hairstylist had sprayed so much mousse and sprays on her hair that she thought it would take a tornado to make them budge.
There are loads of gels, balms and spray-on solutions available on the market to help guys with curly hair avoid excess volume - below you'll find three of the best products that our expert hairstylist suggests.
I absolutely agree about the importance of a good hairstylist .
Remember, no matter how thick your hair is and how great your hairstylist is, if you're not armed with the right products, your efforts will go unnoticed.
We're thrilled that she so loved the look we gave her for our photo shoot that she hired our hairstylist to re-create it for an official gala the following day.
The hairstylist is poised behind him ready to put the next hair-piece in place.