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hairline / волосной, тонкий как волос
имя прилагательное
hairline, capillary
тонкий как волос
имя существительное
волосная линия
визирная линия
тонкая линия
hairline, hairstroke
имя существительное
the edge of a person's hair, especially on the forehead.
Receding hairlines and the arrival of the bald patch are feared by men around the globe.
a very thin or fine line.
the boards fitted so tightly together, there was only a hairline between them
A violent tremor shot through the ground, bringing a hairline fracture to the surface.
Never before has a movie founded its mayhem and misdeeds on a hairline fracture in a pair of animal horns.
A scan showed that my skull had a hairline fracture and that I had a life-threatening blood clot on the brain.
Using a hair pick or the tail of a rattail comb separate out a strand of hair from the front section of the hairline near the forehead.
A hairline fracture of his cheekbone is a painful reminder of his escapade.
He went to the sidelines in July with a hairline fracture in his right knee.
If you don't wait, settlement and hairline cracks may appear and could very well tear the wallpaper.
She had a severe concussion and a hairline fracture in her hip, where she fell.
The pessimist in me thinks that this is a hairline fracture.
He confirmed that he has a hairline fracture of his thumb and is not anticipating a return to action for at least three weeks.