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hairbrush / щетка для волос
имя существительное
щетка для волос
имя существительное
a brush for arranging or smoothing a person's hair.
Reaching for my hairbrush , I smoothed the front of my hair, and pinched my cheeks until I could see a bit of color.
She picked up her brown hairbrush and went to brush her hair in front of the round mirror hanging on her bedroom wall.
I took my hair out of the ponytail and picked up the pink hairbrush lying on the sink.
I changed back into my clothes from yesterday and then I brushed my hair with the pink hairbrush .
I walked up next to Cassandra, who started to comb her hair with a hairbrush that was laid on the dresser.
I stood in front of my mirror, picked up my hairbrush , and started brushing my long, black hair.
I picked up my hairbrush from the stack on the sink and brushed my hair slowly, watching the movements or my arm in the mirror.
The only things in it were a cell phone, some lip gloss, a tiny hairbrush , pony tail holders, and a few pennies and nickels.
She reached for a silver hairbrush and tenderly began brushing her hair.
She ran a hairbrush lightly through her hair and went downstairs.
Sighing, she lifted a hairbrush off her vanity table and brushed her hair with brisk, methodical strokes.