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hairband / hairband
имя существительное
a band for securing or tying back one's hair.
They sported tank tops, identical hairbands and identical shiny hair.
Are you allowed to have a mullet if you also where a hairband - where do you draw the line?
She was wearing a beautiful dress with a hairband to match it and gold boots to set it off.
Grimacing with annoyance, she tugged the end of her hair, her fingers curling round her favourite blue and silver hairband .
There was the hairband in her hair, that was her mother's, too.
Rolling her eyes, she put a hairband in her hair, and headed out of the bedroom.
She is wearing blue eye liner and blue eye shadow and blue lip gloss and she has her hair tied up high with a blue hairband and two blue barrettes holding her hair in place.
Two more seed pearls hung from her ear lobes while a white silk hairband restrained her curly hair.
He confiscated her hairband as insurance of a future meeting.
He pulled it as tight as he could again, and reapplied the black hairband .
I even made a catty remark about her hairband back in 1992, for which I'm truly sorry.