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hailstorm / ливень, гроза с градом, сильный град
имя существительное
shower, downpour, rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, hailstorm
гроза с градом
сильный град
имя существительное
a storm of heavy hail.
It means 500 percent more floods, mudslides, hailstorms , drought, ice storms and wildfires.
I had a dramatic visit there a few weeks ago when unseasonably hot sun was followed by a heavy hailstorm that turned the lawn white within seconds.
A mild hailstorm may simply tear some leaves, but a severe hailstorm will rip off all the leaves, and cut shoots back to their thick stubs.
Nearly 200 trees may have fallen or have been damaged during the squalls, heavy rain and hailstorm that lashed the city for a week now, according to various associations.
This is at least the plan, although two minutes after I got here the hailstorm and driving rain started (I put a much-bigger-than-a-golfball size hailstone in the freezer).
To modern meteorologists, a hailstorm occurs when an upward air current brings droplets of water into high, cold atmospheric layers where the droplets freeze.
The rest of the evening was spent sheltering from a hailstorm , then the thunder kept up till the early hours of the morning.
The unusually heavy rains and hailstorm on Sunday also took its toll of trees in several neighbourhoods.
The state is also exposed to 100 to 350 tornadoes each month, an annual hurricane season and hailstorms .
Because the postal authorities clung to the view that the mail had to get through no matter what, mail coaches made heroic efforts to stick to schedule in hailstorms , gales, flash floods, and sleet.
When thunderstorms aren't uprooting forests or rearranging acres of farmland, the South often suffers hailstorms , flashfloods and torrentially ghoulish winds during this season.