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hail / град, оклик, приветствие
имя существительное
hail, shower, rain, volley, storm, deluge
hail, call, challenge, holla, hollo, holloa
greeting, welcome, salute, salutation, hello, hail
welcome, greet, salute, hail, acclaim, compliment
hail, holler, call, challenge, speak, hallo
осыпать градом
имя существительное
pellets of frozen rain that fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds.
Estimates of the amount of rain and hail which fell on Tuesday ranged from 30 mm to 75 mm in 15 minutes.
a shout or call used to attract attention.
Include as many hails of derisive laughter in your answer as possible.
hail falls.
it hailed so hard we had to stop
(of a large number of objects) fall or be hurled forcefully.
missiles and bombs hail down from the sky
call out to (someone) to attract attention.
the crew hailed a fishing boat
acclaim enthusiastically as being a specified thing.
he has been hailed as the new James Dean
have one's home or origins in (a place).
he hails from Pittsburgh
expressing greeting or acclaim.
hail, Caesar!
The nephew and the bodyguards appear to have realized that they were in hostile territory, and tried to withdraw, but the effort was met with a hail of bullets.
So they looked at each other, under a hail of stones and bricks, shrugged, and as one, stopped to the pavement to pick up the stones which had been hurled at them by the students, and flung them right back.
If I want the views of a cab driver I'll hail a taxi, thanks.
hail, Caesar!
I recall accosting some rowdy teenagers outside my house: my few cautionary words were met with a hail of stones, too small to injure but enough to frighten and humiliate.
Needless to say he came of worse and, in fact, nobody else was injured apart from the hapless chap who was quickly dispatched to the afterlife in a hail of well-aimed bullets.
missiles and bombs hail down from the sky
Does someone else have to have a hail of bullets fired into their bedroom window before something is done?
Thunderstorms sometimes drop balls of ice known as hail in addition to rain.
she raised her hand to hail a cab