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hagiography / агиография, жизнеописание святых, описание жития святого
имя существительное
жизнеописание святых
hagiography, menology
описание жития святого
имя существительное
the writing of the lives of saints.
In spite of its unreliability as a factual source for specific information about individual saints, however, hagiography supplies us with a rich source of information about medieval social and philosophical attitudes.
Why such fear of modern critical biblical studies and new understandings of hagiography and ecclesiastical history?
His only real strength is the hagiography that was carefully cultivated after the attacks.
The authors employ this term as they trace the active presence of spirituality within imagery and seek to understand the devotee's communion with the saint through a process of hagiography .
And so this book does lapse into something of a hagiography .
But it's also extraordinary that they can be faithfully reported by a biographer who seems committed to hagiography .
To say that hagiography was mere propaganda for the saint in question is missing an important point.
Consequently, ‘structures of identity’ are revealed that hover between ‘autobiography, hagiography , sanctity and art.’
a hagiography which is designed to serve a political agenda
To her credit, she has not produced a hagiography .
Elie is clearly sympathetic to and admires each of his subjects, but this is not a hagiography of anyone.