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haggle / торговаться, спорить, кромсать
bargain, haggle, chaffer, huckster, palter, higgle
argue, dispute, debate, quarrel, contend, haggle
shred, hack, mangle, hackle, haggle, jag
имя существительное
спор по поводу цен или условий
haggle, haggling
dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.
the two sides are haggling over television rights
имя существительное
a period of persistent bargaining.
Sarah, who loves a good haggle , got the phone guy up to $32,000.
The haggle seems to be over them.
an inevitable and lengthy haggle over compensation
He seemed furious at first and then a heated haggle occurred.
Sarah, who loves a good haggle , got the phone guy up to $32,000.
You can always find a bunch of tourists haggling with restaurant staff over the ingredients of certain dishes.
Imagine how much we'll save on court costs and haggling over that silly bill of rights.
Fish of all shapes and sizes are for sale, with traders gathering round to see what had come in, haggling loudly over price.
It was almost impossible to hear anything, there were all kinds of strange creatures haggling and bartering.
We shouldn't overlook the fact that you will be haggling if you're trading in a car.
Shopping in high-street outlets is rarely a smart move, unless you're a great haggler .