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haft / рукоятка, черенок, ручка
имя существительное
lever, handle, grip, arm, hilt, haft
stalk, cutting, stem, shank, shaft, haft
handle, pen, knob, stick, grip, haft
приделывать рукоятку
имя существительное
the handle of a knife, ax, or spear.
Tips remained in their natural form and were made into handles or hafts .
provide (a blade, ax head, or spearhead) with a haft.
The boys have found some information on the internet that has led them to believe it is a hafted core axe, between 5,000 and 6,000 years old, but they would like it confirmed by an expert.
The knife second from the right, with its elaborate carved ivory haft , exemplifies a small but distinguished group of carved handles found on cutlery from several European countries.
Sprinting up the slope, Amy whirled the spear above her head, and just when she reached the pair, got a hold of the haft with both hands, and delivered a blow directed right at the back of Ashley's head.
Slowly, Joshua placed both his hands on the haft of the spear, just above the point, and pushed upward.
Well worn leather was braided around the haft to make a comfortable grip.
Its length is approximately 35 mm and the haft width is about 15 mm.
Caidryn stares at the broken haft in her hand and cries even harder.
The knife sported an obsidian blade mounted to a bone haft , the edge still viciously sharp even after years of storage.
The ant lunged at him, its mandibles clamping down on the haft of the ax.
Before the scythe could get halfway through its arc, the void-sword was flashing through the air, severing the long haft of the farm tool.
His hands were steady upon the haft of his lance.