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haemorrhage / кровотечение, кровоизлияние, геморрагия
имя существительное
bleeding, hemorrhage, haemorrhage, issue of blood
hemorrhage, haemorrhage, extravasation, effusion of blood, haemorrhagia, hemorrhagia
hemorrhage, haemorrhage
bleed, hemorrhage, haemorrhage
истекать кровью
bleed, hemorrhage, haemorrhage
a massive haemorrhage of the brain
If they rupture it can cause a haemorrhage , an escape of blood within the brain.
If enough Labour voters haemorrhage away, if the left is divided enough, the Tories can grab this election with a minority of the vote.
We report two cases of splenic rupture causing life threatening haemorrhage .
Blood bubbled on his lips as it he began to haemorrhage from his chest.
Her general practitioner diagnosed a subarachnoid haemorrhage , which was confirmed by computed tomography.
The US industry has had a dramatic collapse in confidence and performance resulting in a haemorrhage of jobs, but the greatest impact of this has been on the US market.
So perhaps this is just what our comprehensives need, an effective way to staunch the haemorrhage of middle-class children from the state sector while generally improving standards for everyone.
A 72 year old woman undergoing laparotomy for a large gastrointestinal haemorrhage required a blood transfusion and clotting factors.
The trend is a serious economic flaw because it has resulted in financial haemorrhage not to mention the serious loss of business to local insurance firms.