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haematite / гематит, красный железняк
имя существительное
hematite, haematite, red ocher
красный железняк
hematite, haematite
Those theories include that the haematite may have formed in a long-lasting lake or in a volcanic environment.
The fluids that precipitated the veins were a likely source for some of the iron that formed the hematite .
Among the simple oxides, only anatase and hematite have been found to date.
Carriers include the iron oxides magnetite and hematite .
Most, if not all, of these mines have likely produced specimen-quality hematite , goethite, and perhaps other minerals.
Like hematite , some goethite is pseudomorphic after a rhombohedral carbonate mineral.
Some hematite replacement erases all traces of the original mineralogy.
Some samples have hematite in the calcite veins.
Even if the hematite 's origin remains ambiguous, trace amounts of other minerals could serve as additional markers of past water.
The lakebed is believed to contain hematite , a crystalline iron compound usually formed in the presence of water.