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hacksaw / ножовка, слесарная ножовка
имя существительное
hacksaw, handsaw, arm-saw
слесарная ножовка
имя существительное
a saw with a narrow fine-toothed blade set in a frame, used especially for cutting metal.
A hacksaw or metal cutting bandsaw is the tool to use here.
cut (something) using a hacksaw.
Having hacksawed the cross members off we had easy access and a clear exit route.
They gently attached the metal plughole to a vice before cutting Becky free with a hacksaw blade.
Failing that, use a hacksaw or hammer and cold chisel to cut through it.
Slide the vinyl seal out of the carrier before you cut the carrier with a fine-tooth hacksaw blade.
A hacksaw or metal cutting bandsaw is the tool to use here.
Today we'll learn how to hacksaw walnuts into decorative napkin rings.
If some of it is sticking up you can hacksaw a slot into it and turn it with a screwdriver
If there is enough sticking out to unscrew it with a pair of pliers or to hacksaw a slot in it and unscrew it with a screwdriver, then do that.
The gunsmith would take a hacksaw and slice the front end off an old military slide, cut part of the front end off the customer's slide, square both pieces in the mill and then join the two with a good gas weld.
It should include five essential items, a hammer and screwdriver, crucial for many fixes, a knife for delicate cutting, a hacksaw for bigger cuts, and a roll of measuring tape to ensure your fixes are precise.
To remove a screw with a damaged slot another slot can be cut with a hacksaw blade if the head is exposed enough.