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hackles / волосы, шерсть на загривке собаки, бакенбарды
имя существительное
hair, locks, wig, wool, lock, hackles
шерсть на загривке собаки
whiskers, whisker, weepers, weeper, hackles
имя существительное
erectile hairs along the back of a dog or other animal that rise when it is angry or alarmed.
The dog stared, ears flattening, and she saw his hackles rise along his spine.
a long, narrow feather on the neck or saddle of a domestic rooster or other bird.
Even before they hit the ground both birds fan their hackles out, resembling nothing so much as a suddenly opened umbrella.
a steel comb for separating flax fibers.
dress or comb with a hackle.
Then the stems were hackled (from the Old High German word that also gave us hook) to remove any remaining non-fibrous material by drawing them through a big comb consisting of a bed of nails in a wooden board.