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hacker / хакер, компьютерный хулиган
имя существительное
компьютерный хулиган
имя существительное
a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.
If you're accessing the Internet without properly securing your computer, hackers can gain illegal access to your files-often without your knowledge.
a person or thing that hacks or cuts roughly.
So, on his first-month birthday, my wife snapped this picture to show that a new Linux hacker is on his way to help in the Open Source community.
One major roadblock that needs to be overcome is the lack of security that arises from having all of this valuable information floating around in our airwaves for any hacker to take.
Thereafter Kornbrust showed how it would be possible for a hacker to hide database users or processes he controlled.
It is such a good movie that I, and just about every other hacker I know, stood in line with our $14.95 in hand to pick it up the first day it was on the shelves.
A few days ago, the ninth hacker 's conference was held in Las Vegas.
With Linux proliferating in consumer devices that's almost a sure thing since even if the program developer doesn't do it some firmware hacker will.
In fact, the Google web scanning queries have become automated, and are available for downloading from hacker chat and websites.
Once such a back-door is installed, any spammer or hacker can ‘own’ the computer and thereby take on the identity of the user.
Any hacker or legitimate web user can employ many of these same measures for their own purposes, for business, or even for advertising endeavors.
Although the software is generally excellent, it requires an experienced UNIX / web/database hacker to use and modify it.