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hack / рубить, кромсать, подковать
hack, cut, chop, cut down, hew, fell
shred, hack, mangle, hackle, haggle, jag
имя существительное
hoe, hack, mattock, spud, hackney, picker
nag, jade, hack, crock, screw, wretched nag
nick, notch, hack, score, snick, cut
имя прилагательное
hired, mercenary, hackney, job, hack, ticca
banal, commonplace, trite, corny, trivial, hack
beaten, battered, hackneyed, stereotype, trite, hack
имя существительное
a rough cut, blow, or stroke.
he was sure one of us was going to take a hack at him
an act of computer hacking.
Several media accounts described the data breach as a computer hack .
a writer or journalist producing dull, unoriginal work.
a hack scriptwriter
a horse for ordinary riding.
A Munnings horse on the other hand has a lot of the stable about it - a lot of knowledge, no doubt, and a lot to attract others who know their hacks , hunters and ponies.
a taxicab.
You're going to have to take me or I'll turn you in and you'll lose your hack license.
cut with rough or heavy blows.
hack off the dead branches
use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.
they hacked into a bank's computer
manage; cope.
lots of people leave because they can't hack it
ride a horse for pleasure or exercise.
Some years ago I was out hacking on my young horse.
Was the poor gentleman under the impression that I am a councillor or a psychiatrist instead of just a newspaper hack ?
The media quickly picked up the vibe; from the very beginning he was portrayed as a drudge, a hack , a bore and, therefore, a loser.
A spot of possession allows Hamann to take a hack from 30 yards.
A stroll along the beach in search of seals and shells, or a hack around the hotel's six-hole golf course, is outing enough for most.
It's very tempting to hack off your black, down-your-back hair for a platinum blonde buzz cut when you're hungry for a funky new look.
Fraud, not a computer hack , is responsible for the latest breach of more than 140,000 personal data records.
Only a courageous tackle by young Matthews and a fortuitous hack on saved the day as West Leeds attacked.
hack off the dead branches
this hack doesn't work on machines that have a firewall
But new recruits will need to cultivate diplomacy, and that frequently eludes a successful newspaper hack .