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habitus / габитус
habit, appearance
имя существительное
general constitution, especially bodily build.
He doesn't have the body habitus for severe sleep apnea.
Research is needed to determine the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of alternative means for detecting conditions not amenable to physical examination because of a patient's body habitus .
This border varies in position according to body habitus as well as disease.
Some people - especially women - may switch to vegetarianism as a means of restricting energy intake to attain the lean body habitus favored in some sports.
On physical examination, the patient's vital signs (particularly temperature and blood pressure) and body habitus should be noted.
Their large body habitus and associated serious comorbidities make patients who are morbidly obese high-risk surgical candidates who require careful planning and implementation of patient care.
Physiologic changes in the elder habitus often affect the dosing and choice of medication.
During pregnancy, a woman undergoes many physiological and hormonal changes that can alter her metabolism and body habitus .
We investigated these and other measures of body habitus as potential confounders.
Just as we all vary in height and body habitus , everyone has their own personal maximum heart rate genetically ‘hardwired’.
He had a thin body habitus and appeared comfortable at rest.