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habituate / приучать, часто посещать
accustom, teach, habituate, inure, school, break
часто посещать
frequent, haunt, go into, habituate, resort, repair
make or become accustomed or used to something.
she had habituated the chimps to humans
Unlike other birds that live on the forest floor, trumpeters are not particularly shy and readily habituate to the presence of humans.
All birds had 10 days to habituate to the aviary.
Such quantification will also be important to determine whether some populations are able to habituate to at least low level disturbance or whether individuals and local populations differ in the degree of tolerance of disturbance.
Cheetahs in this study were well habituated to vehicles.
In advance of the study, the animals were habituated to human observers in the colony.
Most dolphins are well habituated to small boats, allowing us to follow individuals for many hours.
None of the experimental groups were habituated to human presence, and so it was impossible to ascertain which and how many individuals were responsible for the recorded calls.
The birds were fully habituated , and most copulations were observed at 5 m distance.
Subjects were removed from their normal enclosures and habituated to the experimental setup for 3 days before the experiment began.
Whether the people at the site were permanent residents or seasonal hunters is unclear, but to some investigators their mere presence indicates that people had already habituated to a cold climate.