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habitation / жилье, жилище, проживание
имя существительное
housing, accommodation, habitation, lodging, dwelling, quarters
housing, home, dwelling, house, habitation, abode
residence, habitation, dwelling, abode, inhabitation, inhabitancy
имя существительное
the state or process of living in a particular place.
signs of human habitation
Many live either in accommodation not fit for human habitation or are without housing entirely and have to make do living on the streets.
No road was to be seen leading to the right or to the left, no sign of human habitation in the vicinity.
For as far as the eye could see, there was no sign of human habitation .
Before the Agricultural Revolution, people's effect on the land was minimal - they lived from the land but it was not substantially changed through human habitation .
From the air it looks a wild island, with hardly a sign of human habitation .
We could only wonder, for there is a lot of landscape out there and not too many signs of human habitation .
But due to fragmentation and increased human habitation , the big cat's habitat has shrunk further.
signs of human habitation
The cars and houses, while occasionally showing signs of human habitation , look unreal, like toy models set against a colored background.
he built his habitation close to the river