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habit-forming / входящий в привычку, создающий устойчивую привычку
имя прилагательное
входящий в привычку
создающий устойчивую привычку
имя прилагательное
(of a drug or activity) addictive.
This medication is not habit-forming , and does not cause a high feeling.
If too much is taken, the medicine may become habit-forming (causing mental or physical dependence) or lead to medical problems because of an overdose.
This medication is not habit-forming , and does not cause a high feeling.
Melatonin is not habit-forming and will not cause a ‘high’ feeling.
But, boys, once you've been indulged, you may find spas habit-forming .
I believe the pill is an antihistamine, not habit-forming .
He believed that chewing tobacco was not as habit-forming as smoking cigarettes and was unaware that chewing tobacco contains licorice.
They've always assured him that the variety they used wasn't habit-forming , but frankly, he's worried about becoming a shroom junkie.
In addition, many sleep aids can be habit-forming and eventually may interfere with restful sleep or even exacerbate insomnia.
They don't have time to work out sleeping patterns or relaxation programmes so, more often than not, habit-forming sleeping pills are prescribed or nothing is done.
Gambling, tobacco and alcohol are all habit-forming products or activities.