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habit / привычка, габитус, обыкновение
имя существительное
habit, wont, custom, practice, way, knack
habit, wont, usage, tradition, habitude, convention
vest, invest, enrobe, garb, array, habit
dress, wear, clothe, tog, clad, habit
имя существительное
a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.
this can develop into a bad habit
a person's bodily condition or constitution.
a victim to a consumptive habit
dress; clothe.
a boy habited as a serving lad
he has an annoying habit of interrupting me
a shrub of spreading habit
Jen's got a bad habit of working too hard on something though.
Riddled with guilt, I told her it was a bad habit and that I was going to stop.
a cocaine habit
Walking out of the nunnery was Sister Elizabeth, dressed in full habit , using a wooden cane to get down the sidewalk easier.
On entry they were formally vested in a monastic habit , and wore a distinctive cap so that they were at once identifiable in the street.
It has excellent fall color, and the plant habit is spreading and mounded.
I know it's a bad habit , eating sweets in he morning, but strawberry shortcake is my favorite food.
Vegetables are judged on how quick they are to produce as well as on yield, taste, quality, plant habit and pest and disease resistance.