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h-bomb / водородная бомба
имя существительное
водородная бомба
hydrogen bomb, thermonuclear bomb, superbomb, H-bomb
The acts on this collection grew up under the shadow of the H-bomb , the atomic bomb, the nuclear missile but were also introduced to space travel, to television, to the computer.
In our generation of H-bombs and global scorching, the journey to Peace has seemed hard - but necessary.
Such modern weapons are commonly referred to as thermonuclear weapons - or, more simply, H-bombs .
Beginning in the early 1950s, atomic bombs were used as detonators for the most powerful explosives of all, thermonuclear hydrogen bombs, or H-bombs .
The joint chiefs of staff sexed up the threat of an imminent Soviet nuclear attack to get the H-bomb approved.
This was the first intimation that the question of building an H-bomb was ever under discussion.
Fusion in H-bombs is ignited by a fission chain reaction of uranium or plutonium: an atom bomb is used to set off the hydrogen bomb.
In the 1950s, when the H-bomb was developed, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament organised huge marches in Britain.
I'd long heard about the Progressive case, a 1979 decision in which the judge enjoined the publication of an article about the design of H-bombs .
At the age of 21, he was stationed on a ship 20 miles from Christmas Island as an H-bomb 1,000 times bigger than the Hiroshima bomb was detonated.