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gyro / гироскоп
имя существительное
gyroscope, gyro
имя существительное
a sandwich made with slices of spiced meat cooked on a spit, served with salad in pita bread.
Sophal cooks the burgers, gyros , and steaks; Tevy rings you up, puts together the salads, brings the hot food to your table.
relating to rotation.
Of course, gyro is slightly misleading: It's the Greek word for what the Turks call doner.
The gyro and moussaka each have about 800 calories and at least a day's worth of saturated fat.
If autopilot performance is important in the way you use your boat you may wish to inquire about the availability of a gyro sensor for your existing pilot.
One does have to have a certain mindset, though, one that isn't offended by vicious killings committed by actors with spicy hunks of Greek gyro hanging off their cheeks.
The name has the sound of an early twentieth-century blood-boosting medicine, or of a modern, health-food take on the Greek sandwich, the gyro .
It uses a gyro sensor to measure the vehicle's speed, body lean, and angle of travel, then instantly calculate the rollover risk.
This tasty little cross between a gyro and a burrito was delicious.
The food is good and cheap; I usually get a gyro or a slice of sausage pizza with a root beer.
Passing through waves of smells: cheeseburgers, French fries, fried rice, orange chicken, burritos, tacos, pizza with pepperoni, and gyros , your stomach begins to grumble and you find that funny.
Specialist stands test fuel control units, oil pumps, rate sensors and gyros , turret controls and Electronic Control Units (ECUs).