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gyrate / двигаться по спирали, вращаться по кругу
двигаться по спирали
gyrate, corkscrew, spire
вращаться по кругу
имя прилагательное
свернутый спиралью
convoluted, gyrate
circular, round, perimeter, orbicular, gyrate, all-round
move or cause to move in a circle or spiral, especially quickly.
their wings gyrate through the water like paddle wheels
The dance beat cranks, and the bodies continue to gyrate .
their wings gyrate through the water like paddle wheels
He has become bored with watching cheap women dance and gyrate for his pleasure.
It's music that you want to move to, with electric guitar riffs that twang and gyrate across the airwaves.
She couldn't dance very well, but from the way everyone else was moving, all she would have to do was gyrate her hips, and she would be fine.
Some merchants offer suspended paper marionettes that in skilled hands can be made to dance and gyrate from the end of a string.
Don't miss the rare chance of gyrating the turbulent waters of river beas on a spunky kyak.
I helped her up and then she gyrated her hips, grabbed my hand, and moved to where the other people were dancing.
The cheerleader gyrated wildly before the screaming fans.
Thus, some basic power processing functions done by the presented power gyrators are reported.