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guyana / Гайана
имя существительное
имя существительное
a country on the northeastern coast of South America; population 752,900 (est. 2009); capital, Georgetown; languages, English (official), English Creole, and Hindi.
This part of the country is Guyanese in name only, and descendants of the original Scottish settlers remain who founded the first ranches many years ago.
While we were going through immigration on the Guyanese border I saw this grasshopper that was about three inches in length and I ‘persuaded’ it into crawling onto my hand.
Once the piano arrived in Georgetown, the Guyanese capital, it would be transferred to a small plane and make the 350-mile trip to a grass landing strip near the Wai Wai village.
The Guyanese leader noted that the Ministry's staff has a mandate to execute and if persons break the law and squat, then the lawful procedure should be followed when demolishing their structures.
I say Caribbean, not Trini, because the flags and bandanas we saw represented were dominated by Jamaican, Barbadian, Guyanese , and other non-Trinidadian colors.
I passed the collector 40 Guyanese dollars and happily jumped out of the still crowded bus.
The family who owns and runs the restaurant lives upstairs, so don't be surprised to see some Guyanese children milling in and out periodically to get some advice - or food - from Mummy.
the capital of Guyana
While the toll exacted by the organized bandits has been horrible, it is the speed at which small disputes become fatally violent that is, in my opinion, more dangerous to Guyanese society as a whole.
In early October 2004, an issue took hold of Guyanese society and media with the tenacity and outrage usually reserved for acts of banditry and political theatre.