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guttural / гортанный, горловой, задненебный
имя прилагательное
guttural, throaty
guttural, throaty
guttural, velar
имя существительное
гортанный звук
велярный звук
velar, guttural
задненебный звук
guttural, velar
имя прилагательное
(of a speech sound) produced in the throat; harsh-sounding.
It seemed the werewolf was on the verge of talking, but all that escaped its throat was a guttural growl.
имя существительное
a guttural consonant (e.g., k , g ) or other speech sound.
An obvious reason for this is that English, with all its Celtic gutturals and hard consonants, packs more of a punch when strung together compared to the more languid, Latin-based French.
The auburn-haired boy warned with a guttural growl.
In its own harsh tones, almost guttural as if coming from a throat not designed with speech in mind, it spoke to him.
The incorporation of guttural sounds and shouts appeared as honest and spontaneous reactions to his movement.
Abruptly, the creature's wild silvery eyes snapped open, and a guttural screech echoed from its throat, as it spread is massive feathered wings and stood.
The whatever-it-was uttered something in a harsh, guttural language.
As students, they are grim-faced and punctuate their training with odd, guttural sounds, and as instructors they tend to be intensely rank-conscious and overbearing.
It starts off with three or four high-pitched peeps in rather quick succession; then the bird launches into a raspy, guttural shriek; and then the bird whistles a few warbling notes as a coda.
One night someone came up to us talking in a guttural tone.
He spoke in a deep guttural voice and somewhat under his breath.
Alex let the words to the song flow out of his mouth, the guttural German sound the last thing the people in audience expected.