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guttersnipe / маклер, уличный мальчишка, беспризорный ребенок
имя существительное
broker, guttersnipe, huckster, banian, banyan
уличный мальчишка
gamin, guttersnipe, blackguard, mudlark, street-arab, dead-end kid
беспризорный ребенок
guttersnipe, stray, waster, waif, wastrel, gutter-child
имя существительное
a scruffy and badly behaved child who spends most of their time on the street.
I shall make a duchess of this draggle-tail guttersnipe .
It is time to pay another visit to the snivelling little guttersnipe .
I shall make a duchess of this draggle-tail guttersnipe .
But I look forward to the time when the technology becomes cheap and common enough for a little guttersnipe like me to afford one.
You ruined my picture, you little guttersnipe .
They were feared and reviled as street rats and guttersnipes , vagrants and beggars.