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guttering / оплывать, стекать, делать желоба
flow down, drip, gutter
делать желоба
делать канавки
groove, gutter
имя существительное
the gutters of a building.
An investigation has been launched after cast iron guttering fell from a building and struck a passer-by.
(of a candle or flame) flicker and burn unsteadily.
the candles had almost guttered out
channel or furrow with something such as streams or tears.
my cheeks are guttered with tears
We eventually figured out that the problem was caused by bad guttering and some rotting wood between the roof and said gutter.
Seventy per cent of company income comes from selling metal lighting columns, with the rest from other metal products such as roofing material and guttering .
And, within the past few weeks, the council has spent more money on giving the home, along with others nearby, new guttering and pointing.
‘You could hear the wind roaring outside and bits of guttering or whatever flying off the hotel,’.
The money is needed for repairs to the roof, high-level stonework renovation and the replacement of vital guttering .
Although not regarded a a major disaster by the insurance industry or local disaster managers, the hailstorm has led to a shortage of window glass and guttering .
But if you're climbing up a ladder to get to your guttering make sure you take care, and get somebody to hold the ladder for you.
The guttering to the front and rear roof slopes is blocked and leaking to joints and requires clearing and an overhaul.
The presence of brick pavers, little trees and strips of guttering that actually look like private driveways also really helps.
Check guttering to ensure it is free of moss and leaves.