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gutsy / бесстрашный
fearless, audacious, courageous
имя прилагательное
showing courage, determination, and spirit.
she gave a gutsy performance in the tennis tournament
Their story, combining heart-rending drama and gutsy determination, was a natural for the big screen.
Lydia is such a gutsy and determined little girl, we are just glad to have been able to help her.
The very best have multi-layered complexity and can complement many dishes, ranging from fishy starters and gutsy main courses to sweet, creamy desserts.
This consisted of potato and chive cake with mushroom, egg and a gutsy tomato relish served with toast and tea for €6.
As was the case with Carlow's performers last weekend, gutsy determination was in plentiful supply with participants giving their all in all competitions.
Everything that you can eat or drink here is from the same little terroir - the gutsy Cahors wine, the tender magret de canard with pommes sarladaises, even our old friends the boudins aux chataignes.
More memorable, however, is the gutsy food, cooked to order and served at a relaxed pace.
I suppose the best thing Wexford can hope for is to give a very gutsy performance.
She is incredibly resourceful, managing at one point to kill two men while her legs are in a state of paralysis, and in possession of a gutsy determination which enables her to travel the world in search of the people on her death list.
And beer is an entirely credible ingredient for the kinds of gutsy , hearty dishes that are traditional accompaniments to football viewing.