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gusty / порывистый, ветреный, бурный
имя прилагательное
gusty, impetuous, choppy, fitful, squally, brash
windy, flighty, giddy, flyaway, volatile, gusty
stormy, turbulent, rough, rugged, tempestuous, gusty
имя прилагательное
characterized by or blowing in gusts.
a gusty morning
having or showing gusto.
gusty female vocals
On one occasion in early September, I witnessed drooping of the leaves when a sudden summer shower with gusty winds and a brief, but heavy downpour occurred.
Tudor felt that being the lightest of the four finalists was more of a disadvantage if anything, given the gusty off-shore wind that was blowing.
So watch for those gusty winds and some heavy downpours as well.
It is a video of an empty plastic bag dancing in the street, blown here and there by the gusty winds of an approaching storm.
The Namibian coast experienced abnormally cold weather conditions the past three months with strong winds, gusty seas and out of season thunderstorms over the central and southern coast.
By studying clouds you can often tell which direction the winds at that particular level are blowing from and you can tell whether they are gusty or steady winds.
Ten long months of organisation have gone into the three-day festival and there was disappointment when Saturday's gusty winds forced the big parade inside.
The wind on the ground was gusty and blowing in excess of 25 mph.
Late on the morning of 8 February 1983 a strong, but dry, cold front began crossing Victoria, preceded by hot, gusty northerly winds.
The heavy downpours, which began around 4 am yesterday, were accompanied by gusty winds, thunder and lightning.