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gust / порыв, порыв ветра, вкус
имя существительное
impulse, gust, fit, burst, puff, elan
порыв ветра
gust, flatus, blow, flaw, windflaw, scud
taste, flavor, liking, palate, style, gust
имя существительное
a brief, strong rush of wind.
As the players went back on to the court there were incredibly strong gusts of wind blowing through the stadium.
(of the wind) blow in gusts.
the wind was gusting through the branches of the tree
A strong gust of wind blew a small cloud of dirt into their air, and she shielded her eyes.
It's the same as stepping into a foyer of a building and feeling the gust of air-conditioning when you open the door.
It's an idea she greets with a huge gust of approving Chicagoan laughter.
A gust of relatively cool air greeted her, and she inhaled deeply of the scent of the trees and the earth.
The soccer player let out an explosive gust of air and hurled the ball at the ceiling again.
A strong gust of wind came out of nowhere and the fire went out.
He turned on the heat as high as it would go, and an alarming gust of hot air burst through the broken vents.
Apart from the slap of a ball hitting a receiver's gloves and an occasional gust of laughter, there was barely a sound.
a gust of laughter came from the audience
All of a sudden the sky went from red to black and a strong gust of wind estimated at about 100 knots blew fist-sized embers into the yard, setting it ablaze.