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gurgle / бульканье, булькающий звук
имя существительное
gurgling, gurgle, guggle, hubble-bubble
булькающий звук
gurgle, hubble-bubble
gurgle, simper, simmer, guggle
splatter, murmur, purl, babble, gurgle, bubble
имя существительное
a gurgling sound.
Catherine gave a gurgle of laughter
make a hollow bubbling sound like that made by water running out of a bottle.
my stomach gurgled
Catherine gave a gurgle of laughter
Orangutans, gorillas, and their ape relatives, meanwhile, will ineffectually thrash around in deep water or simply gurgle and sink.
I couldn't stop the gurgle of laughter erupting.
Catherine gave a gurgle of laughter
The distinctive whining of a straining shield generator sounded, followed by the gurgle of flushing coolant, a desperate attempt by engineering to make the generator last longer.
chemicals gurgle down a drain straight into the sewers
He heard waves pounding in his ears, the soft gurgle beneath the waves, the silty sound of sand being moved within hidden currents.
A gurgle , sounding very similar to a laugh, replaced her cries, and a smile graced her face as Trent picked her up.
He felt a small gurgle of laughter in the back of his throat, at let it come, slipping into a smirk and then morphing into a grin.
Now, add a splash of peach schnapps, then a gurgle or two of Jack Daniels.