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gunslinger / стрелок
имя существительное
a man who carries a gun and shoots well.
Winner's ‘ordinary’ American was going to be someone whom the audience already knew as a gunslinger and hit man.
Like a scene from a Western when the gunslinger walks into the saloon, the conversation dips to a low whisper, men freeze with their lips inches from their beer.
They'd been waiting anxiously for the right opportunity, knowing that they'd never be able to beat the gunslinger in a straightforward fight.
I never thought of him as a particularly great actor, but he had a squint to rival Clint Eastwood's, and, of course, he was also famous for being a gunslinger .
Wayne is a wounded gunslinger helping old friend Mitchum, an alcoholic sheriff, battle a nefarious cattle baron.
a frontier gunslinger who was quick on the draw
One of the recurrent characters in his works is, in fact, a murderous gunslinger at the ready, pistol pointed toward an unseen target outside the frame.
As spats go it was a fairly combustive one, and one which could have had a bloody conclusion when the veteran gunslinger and the new kid on the block met for their showdown in the Gleneagles Hotel dining room.
The hardest charger racks up accolades like a gunslinger notching kills on a gun: will he ever understand that learning is not a checklist of accomplishments, but a state of mind.
Having discovered that I was not alone in my quest to be a gunslinger , I needed to find out the basics.
Ford, brandishing a heavy pistol in each hand, blasted away all around him like a crazed gunslinger as the survivors and his crew leapt or were carried aboard the ship.