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gunnery / артиллерийское дело, артиллерийская стрельба, пушечная стрельба
имя существительное
артиллерийское дело
артиллерийская стрельба
пушечная стрельба
cannonade, gunnery
имя существительное
the design, manufacture, or firing of heavy guns.
a pioneer of naval gunnery
He had made serious errors of judgement, but he had also tried to improve naval gunnery , reform the promotion system, and limit flogging.
The constraints for this first gunnery were primarily due to logistics and range control issues.
Rather, it was Europe that gathered speed and moved ahead, in gunnery and shipping, starting in the sixteenth century.
Later, after transitioning to the line, he became an expert in the arcane problems of naval gunnery .
a pioneer of naval gunnery
The live-fire activity included combining mechanised and armoured stages of gunnery and their corresponding tactical stages.
Any of our superior gunnery or our laser swords could easily take him out.
The familiar thermal patterns that our gunners had become accustomed to during gunnery , were not as easy to identify during the day.
The fighting officers learned to specialise: in navigation, gunnery and torpedoes.
There was heavy emphasis also on formation flying, and air-to-air gunnery as well as lots of aerobatics.