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gunner / стрелок, пулеметчик, артиллерист
имя существительное
shooter, gunner, shot, rifleman, gun, popper
gunner, machine-gunner, automatic rifleman
artilleryman, gunner, artillerist, cannoneer
имя существительное
a serviceman who operates or specializes in guns, in particular.
Either the gunner or the commander operates the turret control system.
a person who hunts game with a gun.
And, for the avid rooster hunting gunner , there's really only one breed to consider.
And, for the avid rooster hunting gunner , there's really only one breed to consider.
Cramped in the tank for 36 hours at a time, he and a gunner , radio operator and Commander helped to hold a bridge outside the town.
A Royal Navy gunner remembers action on board HMS Ramillies on WW2 People's War.
The gunner 's ejection seat, however, was retained and can be occupied by an instructor or flight examiner.
Reg was the rear gunner in a Wellington bomber when it crashed while returning from a bombing mission in France.
Eric saw action in the Second World War as a ship's gunner in Burma, Malaya and the Middle East, before returning to the market.
He flew 56 dangerous missions over Germany as a rear gunner on a Lancaster bomber.
My top turret gunner tracked him and kept firing until he saw him smoking, then bursting into flames and spinning toward the earth and then crashing.
Only the shock of the explosions and the occasional back blast of dust when a gunner opened fire reminded us we were in the midst of the most desperate urban battle since the fall of Baghdad.
He flew 27 missions as a gunner on board Lancaster bombers before being selected in March 1943 for the now legendary 617 Squadron.