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gunfire / орудийный огонь, артиллерийский огонь
имя существительное
орудийный огонь
gunfire, cannonade
артиллерийский огонь
gunfire, shellfire
имя существительное
the repeated firing of a gun or guns.
they'd been caught up in gunfire
His sidekick dies in a storm of gunfire while the don and his aide's wife are critically wounded.
It was not known if the governor was wounded by gunfire from the assailant or from shots fired afterward.
I could spot the enemy ships on the horizon, but only momentarily as they emerged from the screen of gunfire and smoke.
He woke suddenly to shouted commands, drumming horses' hoofbeats, gunfire and screaming.
Yesterday there were sporadic exchanges of gunfire and a tank firing shells in the city.
Sporadic gunfire could be heard and only pockets of resistance remained, according to the US.
Every few hours a patrol of armoured vehicles clanks down empty streets and there is an occasional crackle of gunfire .
Evacuation attempts were disrupted by gunfire and armed looters ruled the streets.
they'd been caught up in gunfire
She said the deceased and herself were crossing the road when gunfire broke out suddenly as a car drove by.