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gun / пистолет, оружие, пушка
имя существительное
gun, pistol, handgun, piece, Roscoe, equalizer
weapon, arms, gun, weaponry, armament, arsenal
gun, cannon
имя прилагательное
gun, of arms
gun, artillery
shoot, fire, gun, pop, pop off, plink
hunt, prey, chase, shoot, prey on, gun
имя существительное
a weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp noise.
Most of the shells fired by artillery guns were high explosive shells which could throw shrapnel over a wide distance in the trenches.
muscular arms; well-developed biceps muscles.
it's encouraging to note that Schwarzenegger wasn't born with massive guns
shoot someone with a gun.
they were gunned down by masked snipers
cause (an engine) to race.
as Neil gunned the engine, the boat jumped forward
treat (cotton) in a gin.
The country's largest ginneries were only utilising 24 and 54 per cent of their respective ginning capacity, and only 40 per cent of the seed cotton was ginned into cotton lint.
trap (a person or animal) in a gin.
On the extreme left, crouching low, its arms hanging near its feet, was an ape; it looked intent, like an athlete waiting for the gun to go off.
The Resurrection was the starting gun and the return of Christ is the final whistle.
As silently as he possibly can, he fills his gun with bullets and revolves it, preparing to take aim.
The threat from all types of firearms, be it a real gun , a replica weapon or an airgun is increasing and action must be taken now.
The starting gun sends camels bolting forth in a graceful blur, then a long-stride gallop that is as precise as a quarter-horse trot.
The starting gun was sounded by Evan's grandfather James Tiernan.
Jonno is down below about to start, when he screams at me to gun the boat.
Then, with a loud explosion, the gun fired, and smoke filled the tunnel.
a hired gun
The tinkle of the bell as the door opens pistols me as though it were a starting gun .