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gumption / сообразительность, находчивость, смышленость
имя существительное
acumen, gumption, quickness, nous, sagacity, acuteness
resourcefulness, resource, inventiveness, adroitness, readiness, gumption
intelligence, gumption
здравый смысл
common sense, sense, good sense, savvy, wisdom, gumption
растворитель для красок
имя существительное
shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.
she had the gumption to put her foot down and head Dan off from those crazy schemes
So beyond greed and gumption is opportunism, optimism… and some great success stories!
He should take enormous pride that his enthusiasm and gumption have turned Motherwell around in recent years.
I was a feckless young man, without direction, commonsense, or gumption .
How much gumption does it take to pillory the malfeasant editors, reporters, and publisher who turned to compost ages ago?
It sure takes some gumption to assemble a flatpack yacht.
I have known people well into their 70s who have more character and gumption than people a quarter of their years.
Working this out at home will permit you to schedule around it, and will give you enough gumption to face the chaos at the festival theatres.
All it would take is a bit of gumption and a modicum of courage.
she had the gumption to put her foot down and head Dan off from those crazy schemes
If Croydon Council hasn't got an accountant in its ranks or a commercially-minded businessman with a sense of gumption , I can provide one.