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gummy / клейкий, смолистый, липкий
имя прилагательное
adhesive, sticky, glutinous, gooey, gummy, adherent
gummy, resinous, pitchy, resinaceous
sticky, adhesive, tacky, clammy, gummy, gooey
имя прилагательное
viscous; sticky.
‘Dark cutters’ have lean that is dark red to almost black in color with a sticky or gummy texture.
a gummy grin
имя существительное
a small, edible shark of Australasian coastal waters, with rounded teeth that it uses to crush hard-shelled prey.
But today he is singing the praises of a non-commercial creature - the humble eel, which he says has a unique flavor but can be best described to someone who has never tasted it as reminiscent of the taste and texture of gummy shark .
Modern cosmetic dentistry focusses on solving the problems of the gummy smile by guiding gums and re-contouring them for a better appearance.
Listed among its ingredients is gelatin, a gummy substance rendered from cattle carcasses.
He twists his head, exposing one rheumy malevolent eye and half a mottled, gummy mouth.
Soluble fibers - gums, pectins and mucilages - become gummy in water.
Like her, many of the residents are Irish; gummy men with drink problems who ‘emigrated not through choice, stayed though reluctant, and never returned out of pride’.
As usual, it would have been better without the gummy mushroom sauce, but this is as it ever was.
Add in the languid pacing and you've got a film that flows like gummy engine oil.
He has gummy gaps in his grin, the result of a stint as a boxer in the 1980s (he moved to Minneapolis in '84, after losing a big match in Fort Dodge, Iowa).
The least elegant was the vichyssoise, which had the bland, somewhat gummy consistency of whipped avocados.
He'd looked down at her and she'd given him one of her gummy smiles and for a moment I thought he was going to say something to acknowledge her.