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gumboot / gumboot
резиновый сапог
People working in the shed could not feel the voltage because they usually wore rubber gumboots .
It was much smoother for us this time - there were no doctors in white plastic aprons and white rubber gumboots , there were no suction cups and no forceps and no blood splatters.
I realised that I should not have worn tramping boots and left my gumboots in the cabin.
All that was left was the letterbox and a pair of rubber gumboots .
Paul began his career as a six-year-old, creating a horse costume with his pyjamas and a pair of gumboots .
Sometimes in summer, she wore gumboots for protection; more commonly, her footwear was a pair of woollen socks, or simply the tough skin of her brown bare feet.
Almost without exception, people were less than impressed by the way the ‘upgrade’ turned their channel-changing experience into something akin to wading through deep mud in gumboots .
They may need gumboots or sturdy footwear for the 15-minute walk from the carpark to the memorial site, Ms Cowin said.
The purchasing manager and safety committee had also been instructed to procure gumboots , security boots and raincoats by July 23.
Bolivians in golden cowboy boots, a South African woman in miners' gumboots , and six dignified Lebanese men holding hands all stomped merrily.