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gumbo / гумбо, бамия, окра
имя существительное
okra, gumbo
имя существительное
okra, especially the gelatinous pods used in cooking.
Call it gumbo , bamya, lady's fingers, bhindi, quingombo or a half-dozen other names, okra is an annual vegetable usually thought of as a Southern plant.
a French-based patois spoken by some blacks and Creoles in Louisiana.
a fine, clayey soil that becomes sticky and impervious when wet.
A high pressure front carries dark clouds, and we risk becoming mired in gumbo if the weather doesn't hold up.
a type of Cajun music consisting of a lively blend of styles and sounds.
New Orleans syncopated gumbo
New Orleans syncopated gumbo
To serve, spoon some gumbo into a soup bowl and top with some andouille sausage, rice, and scallions.
If you're feeling like a raw prawn in some cosmic seafood gumbo , what to do?
And Robinson's rendition of chicken gumbo - a simple Carolina low-country stew of okra and tomato with tender chicken shreds - has real personality.
Ozomatli musical fusions and cross-cultural unions create a gumbo of styles that include dub, samba, salsa and hip-hop.
The shrimp and crab cakes and seafood gumbo , among many other possibilities, were tasty, but lines to get a look at the grub were plenty long.
With the tracks largely bereft of melody or theme, Villalobos dives ever more deeply into percussive gumbo and leaves accessible hooks behind.
The hearty soup known as gumbo is a hybrid created by southern Louisiana's various population groups.
We slogged around looking for suicidal prairie dogs and learned that hills and gumbo can overcome the best four-wheel drive trucks.
As for me, I had to have the New Orleans gumbo with shrimp, chicken and okra - delicious and full of flavors.